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Around Shakotan Peninsula

Naturally beautiful coastline

Experience the glorious history of herring fishing, the rich natural scenery, and the seafood from the Sea of Japan while traveling around the Shakotan Peninsula.

This example itinerary introduces recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants but please note that this tour is unaccompanied. Please make your own arrangements for transportation and meals.

Yu Kiroro (10am)

60 mins (by car)

Herring palace tomari ml

Herring Palace Tomari


Located near Tomari's old fishing village, this popular sightseeing spot was built in the late nineteenth century and is a symbol of the village's growing prosperity at the time. The museum features valuable items that tell the story of herring fishing in the area.

15 mins (by car)

Katsuei Sushi

Katsuei Sushi


One of the area's best-kept secrets, Katsuei is a sushi shop that has developed a reputation among local food lovers – the high quality and reasonable prices are known to surprise many visitors – not to be missed!

40 mins (by car)


Cape Kamui

Sightseeing Spot

Take in the stunning views of the Shakotan Peninsula from the mazy trail to the tip of the cape which takes about 20-30 minutes. The walk to the end of the promenade leads to a panoramic 300-degree view of the horizon.

30 minutes (by car)

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Shimamui Coast


Shimamui Beach – which is regarded as one of Japan's top 100 beaches – is the only spot where you can go down to the water's edge among the sheer cliffs. After passing through a dark tunnel, the vivid sea that suddenly appears below is breathtaking.

40 minutes (by car)

Candle rock

Candle Rock

Sightseeing spot

Candle rock towering over the sea. Considering the passage of time, this rock will collapse someday. It is only for a moment that you can see such a figure.

5 mins (by car)

Ebisuiwa daikokuiwa

Ebisu-iwa & Daikoku-iwa

Sightseeing spot

Often described as 'couple rocks' due to their close proximity, these rocks have withstood the elements while maintaining a delicate balance. Ebisu-iwa looks so precarious, one thinks it might fall at any moment – while Daikoku-iwa features a torii gate at the top.

45 mins (by car)

Yamanaka Ice Cream

Yamanaka Ranch

Ice Cream

Yamanaka Bokujo's soft serve ice cream is made from 100% natural ingredients! It has a refreshing aftertaste and is as delicious today as it was in the past. They also sell fresh milk and butter. Business hours are until 5:30 – see the website for more details – so be sure to make it in time!

10 mins (by car)

Yu Kiroro (6pm)

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