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Privacy Policy

How we safeguard your personal information.

Hokkaido Holiday Services Co Ltd. [”HHS”] understands the costs and annoyance of spam and unwanted mailing lists. Personal information will only be collected to the extent necessary, by lawful and fair means, and for specified purposes which are relevant to the operations of HHS.

If HHS holds personal information about an individual and the individual is able to establish that the information is not accurate, complete and up-to-date, HHS will take reasonable steps to correct the information so that it is accurate, complete and up-to-date.

HHS understands its obligation to safeguard personal information regarding its clients. This policy formalizes and strengthens this commitment by complying with the Requirements for Compliance Programs on Personal Information Protection (JIS Q 15001) of the Japanese Standards Association.

HHS will not sell or distribute your information

HHS does not sell personal information to other companies. The only circumstances in which external organizations may be given access to HHS’s customer personal information are when HHS’s contractors and service providers are assisting HHS in the operation of its business or to provide a customer service (for example, a company which helps maintain HHS’s computer systems or sends out HHS’s mail). HHS requires these organizations to agree to HHS’s Privacy Statement and to strict conditions governing how this information may be used. We collect your personal information only after informing you of the purpose of its use, our contact person, or other information, and only to the extent reasonably necessary for our purpose.

Customers are welcome to request personal information HHS hold about them. To obtain a copy of the personal information that HHS holds, please contact the HHS Privacy Officer. HHS may require personal identification. All personal information supplied to HHS is not shared with any other third parties unless explicitly and expressly communicated when you submit the information, without your explicit consent that any other personal information is passed on or used, or in the extreme cases outlined in the the principles above.

What do you collect?

Generally your name, email address, city of residence, mail address and telephone numbers are kept.

What do we do with your information?

Your information may be used to form part of a database of those already interested in a HHS product be it a property purchase or a holiday stay. It is for HHS use only.

How is it stored?

Internal HHS electronic storage systems hold the information.

Is it secure?

Yes. HHS’s directors, employees and contractors our bound by our confidentiality agreements. We unfortunately cannot offer security over third party bugs, listening devices, taps or the like who can track HHS electronic traffic.

How long is it held for?

Unless you specify an expiry date HHS holds the information for a length of time of its own discretion.

For further information please contact HHS on:

[email protected]
+81 (0) 135 35 3117
128-9 Tokiwa, Akaigawa, Yoichi-gun Hokkaido 046-0571 Japan

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