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5 Reasons to Visit Yu Kiroro this summer

A summer sanctuary surrounded by nature

  • 2023.04.24

Every summer, Yu Kiroro is transformed into a lush, green sanctuary – the perfect spot to get away from it all!

With another winter of fantastic snow behind us, it’s time to turn our attention to the coming green season, where Yu Kiroro is transformed into a lush, green sanctuary – the perfect spot to get away from it all! Here are five reasons you should visit us this summer.

1. Escape the crowds

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A private retreat, set amongst lush forests and abundant nature

Kiroro offers all the beauty, simplicity of Hokkaido, balanced with the private seclusion of its unique location. In the green season, Yu Kiroro becomes a private retreat, set amongst lush forests and abundant nature – a sanctuary to escape from the crowds, relax, and recharge. For the discerning visitor to Hokkaido, experience something new this summer at Yu Kiroro.

2. Comfortable summer temperatures

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Relief from the heat and humidity

Wonder why droves of native Japanese visitors descend upon Hokkaido in the summer? The oppressive heat in cities like Tokyo and Osaka make the Hokkaido summers increasingly attractive. As Kiroro is located in Hokkaido, its summer temperatures are pleasantly cool – rarely above 28C – compared to the rest of Japan. This is mainly due to its location, which is further north and has a more moderate climate than the other regions of Japan. The island is also surrounded by the sea, which helps to regulate the temperature and prevent extreme fluctuations. In addition, the island's mountainous terrain and abundant greenery provide natural shade and help to keep the temperatures down. All these factors combined make Kiroro a great destination for both domestic and international tourists seeking relief from the heat and humidity!

3. Stunning Seasonal Food

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Delicious, seasonal vegetables at Yukashi

Summer in Kiroro is a great time to enjoy a variety of seasonal foods that are unique to the region. Delicious potatoes which have grown at subzero temperatures throughout winter make their way from beneath the ground to the top of your plate. Strawberries ripen and bound into season, as do many little-known, native mountain vegetables which are great fun to try for the first time. And the richness and flavour of the seasonal asparagus simply needs to be tasted to be believed. Our in-house restaurant Yukashi is a fantastic place to sample these delights - and you can even take a trip to a nearby local farm to select your seasonal vegetables, to be prepared by the chef back in the hotel the same evening!

4. Day Trips & Excursions

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Shimamui Beach is a short drive from Kiroro and regarded as one of Japan's top 100 beaches

If you fancy exploring Hokkaido, the Green Season is the best time to do that too. With all of the snow cleared, the many fantastic attractions around Kiroro, such as the stunning port town of Otaru, become far more accessible. Try our suggested day trip itineraries and explore the renowned Nikka Whisky Distillery, go deep into Otaru – our experienced local staff have recommendations for the best restaurants – or take a drive along the Shakotan Peninsula. All of this is just a short drive from Yu Kiroro.

5. Summer Activities

Golf hero
Yu Kiroro has several fantastic golf courses nearby

We also a program of in-house summer activities – perfect for families. And for golf lovers, Yu Kiroro has several fantastic courses nearby, to suit all levels. Hokkaido is world-famous for its excellent conditions for golf, and Yu Kiroro is the perfect base to experience it – beautiful green landscapes, incredible coastal views, and cool temperatures.

Ready to plan your Kiroro stay?

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Relax in style at Yu Kiroro this summer

Yu Kiroro is the perfect place to host your Hokkaido adventure this summer – with alpine stylings and soft, warm décor throughout, a mellow feeling of comfort envelops you, the moment you enter Yu Kiroro. It’s unmistakable. We have several special Green Season plans to take advantage of this year, and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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