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Safety Information

This section provides information relating to your safety. Please contact Yu Services should you have any concerns or questions.

In the event of a fire

If a fire breaks out in your room or a fire alarm is activated: remain calm. If smoke is present, stay low to the floor and exit the room. If you are in a closed room, do not open the door without first feeling it or the door handle. If it is warm or hot, do not open it, but unlock it to assist rescue or fire personnel.

If there is smoke coming from under the door, use wet bath towels, sheets, etc. to stop the smoke from coming in.

Fire Evacuation

If safe to do so, evacuate all room occupants immediately in an orderly fashion following emergency exit signs. Staff will direct you to the marshalling area outside the building. Follow directions as we ensure all guests are accounted for.

Do not return to the room for any reason until safety confirmed (e.g. to collect clothes or valuables). Keep as close to the floor as possible to minimize the inhalation of smoke.

Fire Safety Information

Children must be kept away from the fire at all times. Even when non lit, the removable glass panels could be broken and may cause injury.

Never leave the fire unattended, i.e. extinguished before sleep or leaving your suite. Never attempt to dry clothing or ski gear by the fire. Persons wearing synthetic clothes must keep at least two meters away from the fire. Persons wearing loose clothing (scarves, ties etc.) must keep away from the fire.

General Safety Information

In winter, always pay attention to the weather, dress appropriately outdoors and avoid walking outside alone.

Please contact Yu Services if you see anything you deem to be unsafe (e.g. hanging icicles or snow which needs to be cleared).

Strictly no drugs or illegal substances are to be brought in to or consumed at Yu Kiroro.

Yu Kiroro reserve the right to cooperate with any police inquiry made into booked, in-house or previous guests.

In the event of an earthquake

Remain calm. Stay inside your room.

  • DROP to the ground.
  • OPEN the door if you’re in the toilet or bathroom to secure the escape route.
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table.
  • HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops.

Do not be alarmed if fire alarm or sprinkler goes off.

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