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Yoichi distillery

Yoichi Highlights

Explore the delights of Yoichi

Explore the delights of Yoichi, a town famous for its seafood, whiskey and wine!

This example itinerary introduces recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants but please note that this tour is unaccompanied. Please make your own arrangements for transportation and meals.

Yu Kiroro (10am)

40 mins (by car)


Nitori Orchard

Fruit Picking

From June to October, you can enjoy many fruit picking seasons at Nitori Orchard, including apples, peaches, grapes, cherries and many more!

Fruit picking calendar

15 mins (by car)

Kakizaki shoten sashimi

Lunch at Kakizaki Shoten


A cafeteria with fresh local ingredients, Kakizaki Shoten also features a first-floor shop that mainly serves fresh fish.

1 min (by car)

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Nikka Whisky Distillery


The signature spot in Yoichi, and a mecca for whisky lovers, the Nikka Whisky Distillery has become incredibly popular since Nikka burst on to the global whisky scene with a number of award wins over recent years.

20 mins (by car)

Candle rock

Candle Rock

Sightseeing Spot

Candle rock towering over the sea. Considering the passage of time, this rock will collapse someday. It is only for a moment that you can see such a figure.

10 mins (by car)

Nikoh Shokuhin New

Nikoh Shokuhin

Local Fish Cake

Enjoy hot, freshly-baked kamaboko at this small, local shop.

50 mins (by car)

Yu Kiroro (4:30pm)

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