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Summer Picnic Package

Eat and unwind

  • 2023.06.10

Unwind, savor the flavors, and create lasting memories with our hotel's exquisite picnic basket offerings.

Our carefully curated picnic baskets, filled with gourmet treats in Japanese or European style, perfect for a relaxing afternoon in the sun. Whether you're strolling through the picturesque surrounds at Yu Kiroro, or venturing to nearby scenic spots, our picnic baskets are your ticket to a memorable outdoor adventure.

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Japanese style
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European style


  • Reservation not required - make your order at Yukashi Restaurant
  • Japanese Picnic package includes Clubhouse sandwich and pack juice
  • European style package includes Bread, cheese, cold cuts, fruits, and juice
  • Other beverages soft drinks, wines, beers, and other alcohols are NOT included but can be added to the package.
  • ¥2,500 per person

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