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Onsen & Gym Info

Yu Kiroro Onsen

Hours of operation: 07:00-10:00 & 13:00-23:00 (last entry at 9am & 10pm).

The Yu Kiroro Onsen is located in Wing B and can be accessed with a room key. There is a separate onsen for males and females. A private onsen is also available however, bookings are required – for more information or to book please contact Yu Services.

Slippers and robes are provided in your room should you wish to remove your clothing before proceeding to the onsen area.

Onsen towels are provided in your room for visiting the onsen. The larger towel is for drying and the small modesty towel is for onsen usage. Please note the modesty towel should never be placed inside the water.

Shoes or slippers are to be removed before entering the onsen area.

Japanese etiquette requires women to have their hair tied back and one to be cleaned completely before entering the onsen for hygiene. The bath is solely for relaxing. Washing should be carried out beforehand. We kindly ask that guests observe this aspect of Japanese tradition.

Please remove jewelry as onsen water contains minerals which can discolor and oxidize metals.

Onsen Health & Safety

In the interest of Health & Safety we advise guests to refrain from using the onsen in the following cases:

  1. After consuming alcohol or immediately after eating.
  2. If taking medication or if pregnant.
  3. If prone to bouts of dizziness or nausea.
  4. If suffering from a medical condition that may be exacerbated by onsen use and high temperatures.

No food or alcohol should be consumed in the onsen.

Under no circumstances should children be allowed to use, or play near the onsen unaccompanied.

An emergency phone is located at the entrance of the onsen. Please dial Yu Services should you feel any signs of dizziness.

Yu Kiroro Gym

Hours of operation: 24 hrs

The Yu Kiroro Gym is located in Wing B and can be accessed with a room key. Towels are available in the gym for guest use.

Gym Safety & Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of all gym users, we ask that all guests read and comply with the following:

  • Use of equipment is at your own risk. Each guest is responsible for knowing his/her own physical limitations.
  • Proper attire is to be worn including shirts and closed in shoes.
  • Place weights and other equipment back where they belong.
  • Please keep breakable objects outside.
  • No food is to be taken into the gym area.
  • The gym is not to be used in a state of intoxication.
  • Children under the age of 16 MUST be always supervised by an adult.

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