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Smoked Bonito Fermented Beets and Blue Cheese

Chef's Selection Special Menu

Green Season Exclusive

  • 2023.05.22

Yu Kiroro presents Executive Chef Ishida's "omakase" special menu using seasonal ingredients, especially designed for this year's green season.

The menu will feature ten dishes, from carefully selected Hokkaido delicacies. Due to seasonal variances and in order to provide the freshest ingredients, the courses will be announced on the day. A collection of sample dishes are listed below.

Price: ¥15,000 (per person, including tax and service charge)

Reservation: By 3pm, at least three days in advance - email [email protected] or call +81(0)135-48-6789.

  1. Cold steamed egg custard with raw sea urchin and Chinese yam
  2. Homemade ham and vegetables from Akaigawa
  3. Spear squid tartare
  4. Smoked Bonito Fermented Beets and Blue Cheese
  5. Otaru Spring Herring Stick Sushi
  6. Sautéed bamboo shoots and abalone Genovese with ascetic garlic
  7. Cherry Blossom Trout Mickey with Kyoto Ginseng and Kiyomi Orange Sauce
  8. Charcoal grilled Shiraoi beef chateaubriand and asparagus
  9. Yamanaka Farm Milk Mousse and Kumquat Compote
  10. Spring Parfait

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