Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Yu Kiroro is operated by Hokkaido Holiday Services (hereinafter referred to as ‘HHS’). For enquiries, we reserve the right to determine the period your booking is being held, during this time you will be sent an electronic payment form to complete the payment. We advise our guests to inform our Reservations Team if you would like to secure the booking as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment. If payments are not received within the advised period, your booking will be cancelled or released.


1.1. A Reservation is not confirmed until a Confirmation is issued by us.
1.2. All offers, prices, terms and conditions are subject to change or withdrawal without notice prior to a Confirmation being issued.
1.3. The booking details are as per the Confirmation, errors and omissions excepted.
1.4. Additional service charges are booked subject to availability and not confirmed until payment is received in full.
1.5. Descriptions and details of our services are subject to change at any time.
1.6. Accommodation is subject to maximum number of guests. Any amendments on the number and age of staying guests, may change the total accommodation rate or category.

2. Prices

2.1. All prices are in Japanese Yen and include 10% Japanese consumption tax.


3.1. Deposit payment is required to confirm your booking.

3.2. ‘Advanced Purchase’ bookings require full payment at the time of booking and are non-changeable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation (exceptions may be made according to section 6.1.4).

3.3. ‘Best Flexible Rate’ bookings require a 20% non-refundable down-payment at the time of booking and non-refundable payment of the final balance 60 days prior to check-in (exceptions may be made according to section 6.1.4).

3.4. HHS retained the right to apply different deposit payment’ terms & conditions, on reservations made through 3rd party and/or reservations where a discount is applied.


4.1. Amendment is any change to names, adding extra people to your booking, upgrading of Package Items or upgrading of Additional Items, including your Guest Services or additional Housekeeping Services.
4.2. Amendments after Confirmation incur an administration fee of ¥4,000 per change.
4.3. Upgrade or Downgrade of Accommodation is defined as changing of different apartment/accommodation’s category and/or cancellation of your initial accommodation confirmation.
     4.3.1. An upgrade/Downgrade of accommodation is subject to availability
     4.3.2. Any upgrade/Downgrade of accommodation after initial confirmation is considered as a new booking and subject to full accommodation charge (see Clause 6 – cancellation)


5.1. The remaining balance of your booking is as per your Receipt of Payment sent by our Reservations Team.
5.2. You authorise us to charge the Balance of the Confirmation Total to the Credit Card which you use to pay the Deposit any time after 61 days for winter or 31 days for summer prior to Check In.
5.3. If the balance needs to be charged to a credit card other than the one used to pay the deposit, it is your responsibility to advise and confirm details with us in writing at least 70 days prior to Check In.
5.4. The final payment of your accommodation is non-refundable
5.5. It is not possible to split payment for the deposit or balance between multiple credit cards.
5.6. If payment is processed through Telegraphic Transfer, all bank fees incurred must be paid in addition to the remitted amount. This includes any sending, intermediary and receiving bank fees. As a guide, an additional ¥7,000 usually covers any intermediary/receiving bank fees. Where this does not cover all bank fees, the shortfall will be due on arrival.

Non-payment of deposit or final balance may lead to auto cancellation. Payment of a deposit constitutes acceptance of our booking terms and conditions.


6.1. A Cancellation is any change to the accommodation type or accommodation check-in and check-out dates.

6.1.2. ‘Advanced Purchase’ bookings require full payment at the time of booking and are non-changeable and non-refundable in the event of cancellation (see point 6.1.4).

6.1.3. ‘Best Flexible Rate’ bookings require a 20% non-refundable down-payment at the time of booking and non-refundable payment of the final balance 60 days prior to check-in (see point 6.1.4)

6.1.4. Special COVID-19 cancellation fee flexibility will be considered on a case-by-case basis, for the following reasons only:
– Border closures prevent travel to Kiroro on your booked travel date, or,
– There is official advice from the Government of your home country or official advice from the Japanese Government, stating not to travel, or,
– Your airline has cancelled your flight to Kiroro citing COVID-19 reasons.

* Only cancellation in writing to reservation@yukiroro.com with proof of airline cancellation notice or government announcement are accepted as a proof of COVID cancellation eligibility.

6.2. If your arrival and departure time or date changes due to delay of flights, weather conditions or any other reason, loss or extra fees on your accommodation or additional items need to be claimed to your travel insurance.
6.3. HHS retain the right to apply different deposit & payment terms & conditions on reservations made through 3rd parties and/or reservations where a discount is applied.
6.4 HHS retain the right to develop and market additional non-standard packages with specific payment terms and cancellation policies different to those listed above.    


7.1.  A cancellation is any change to a Package Item, which is not an upgrade or an addition.
7.2.  A cancellation made 16 days or less prior to check-in will incur 100% of the total price.
7.3.  A cancellation made 17 days or more prior to check-in will incur an amendment fee of ¥4,000, and may be subject to additional fees.
7.4.  Any amount to be refunded from cancelled Package Items or Additional Items will be held as a credit on your account to be applied to other services or refunded upon check-out.
7.5.  Guest Services Items are non-refundable and may not be rescheduled due to changes in travel itinerary or if you are unable to attend. You may be advised to repurchase services upon check-in at the accommodation.
7.6.  Unused items are non-refundable.
7.7.  Full payment for your Guest Services are required 16 days prior to check-in. This payment is non-refundable.


HHS and our agents are not liable for any loss, damage, delay, consequential loss, injury or death resulting from any act or circumstance during our guests’ stay in Kiroro. We expect guests to protect themselves with appropriate travel insurance to avoid any of the above circumstances. Such travel insurance must be arranged at the time guests pay their deposit.


9.1. Check-in time is from 15:00.
     9.1.1. HHS cannot guarantee any early Check-ins.
     9.1.2. Where available and in the case of early check-in before 15:00, 100% of the room rate will be charged or we suggest guests to book an additional night prior to arrival.
     9.1.3. Any check-in after reception hours, a self check-in procedure will be sent to guests prior to arrival. Please familiarize yourself with the procedure.
9.2. Check-out time is at 10:00. Late check-out can be accommodated based on availability.
     9.2.1. HHS cannot guarantee any late check-outs.
     9.2.2. Late check-out after 10:00 but before 12:00, an additional charge of ¥15,000 will be charged.
     9.2.3. Late check-out after 12:00, a full nightly rate will be charged.
9.3. Where a room change is required, check-out time is 10:00. Guests are requested to pack their belongings prior to vacating the room. We will prioritize the cleaning of your new room and move your packed belongings. When ready, Front Desk will communicate the possible check-in time accordingly.
9.4. Passport details must be provided upon check in. This is a requirement by Japanese law.
9.5. Guest’s credit card information is required upon check-in for incidental charges.

10. Pre – Arrival Information

10.1. Guest Arrival and Departure times are to be provided 14 days prior to arrival.
10.2. Preferred bedding configuration is obligatory and needs to be advised at least 14 days prior to arrival. If there is still no preferred bedding configuration provided 2 days prior to check-in, a default arrangement of TWIN Beds will be setup.
10.3. Any changes in bedding configuration upon arrival is subject to a surcharge. HHS reserve the right to decline the request.


11.1. Unless stated otherwise, apartments are serviced every second day (Day 3) with mid clean every five nights.
11.2. Request for additional housekeeping will incur additional charges.


12.1. Parking spaces are limited, and a reservation is required. Confirmation for parking space will be sent together with the pre-check letter prior to your arrival.
12.2. HHS may suggest alternative public parking area during peak period which may not be located nearby the accommodation.
12.3. Parking space is not guaranteed for any last minute bookings or guests who did not reserve any parking space in advance.